Marlins Test


Marlins Test

is an International Test of English Language for seafarers recommended UK MCA. Marlins Test can spend only approved Test Centers. Passing the Marlins Test at an Marlins approved Test Centre is acceptable evidence of competency in English and candidates who pass the minimum English language requirements will be able to satisfy the MCA's language requirements for Certificates of Equivalent Competency.  

AzovMarine Ltd. is the Marlins approved test centre. Marlins Test runs in two phases: 

  1. Marlins Test Of Spoken English (TOSE).
  2. Computer Test (Computer test): 
  • number of questions - 85; 
  • time - 60 minutes; 
  • number of attempts - 1.
The minimum passing score for Marlins Test
Position TOSE Computer Test
Master, Chief Officer Chief Engineer Intermediate  80%
2/ 3 Officers, Safety Officer, 2 Engineer, El Engineer, AC/REF Engineers, ETO Lower Intermediate 70%
3/4 Engineers, Cadets (deck, engine, electr), Bosun, Pumpman Lower Intermediate 65%
A/B, Motorman Lower Intermediate 55%
O/S, Wiper, Messman, Steward, Doctor, Hairdresser, Barman Elementary 45%
Fitter, Welder, Oiler, Turner, Electrician, Tunnelman, Deck Mechanic, Plumber Elementary 55%

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